Growing up in a musically inclined family Teiona Gunn, known as (Tp9) found that she too had something to add to this musical family.  Born and Raised in the Kansas City Mo, and the youngest girl of 6 she watched and studied every performance and rehearsal her older siblings did,  In 2006 super producer Montel Jones of Jamel and "Jungle Slide" discovered Tp9 as he was watching a video of her flowing, and rapping along to her brother BGunnz with such strong delivery and confidence. He was amazed that so much came out of a little package. Following the footsteps of her older brother she began writing and recording her own songs, she also choreographed  her own shows along side with her sister Keia. At the age 12 Tp9 appeared on America's Got Talent and blew the judges away. "I can see you with your own show on Nickelodeon" said Sharon Osborne. Later on in her career she worked with Ebony Eyez, Jibbs, and managed by Ginuwine himself. As Tp9's name began to blow she was recognized by the great legendary Missy Elliot. "I've heard so much about you, I can't wait to meet you". Tp9 later answered to her calling and Began speaking about her faith at just the age of 17. She collaborated with Grammy nominated and stellar award winning Canton Jones, on her single "I Be Like". In just two days the video went viral. She was also on stage with Isaac Carrre, and appeared on BET, and Oxygen. On May 14th Tp9 released her album "The Switch" and it has inspired many. As she is climbing the charts and traveling the world, her prayer is to stay humble and plan to be impactful in more ways than one.